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Our Focus

We want to provide people with the easiest and smartest way to ensure a daily well-being. Therefore, we combine technology, design and natural essential oils.

Natural well-being

Sit back and enjoy as our 100% organic essential oils take care of you, and discover their amazing benefits against many daily pains.


Our smartphone application analyses your profile to automatically diffuse the right oil at the right time according to your schedule, moods and needs.


Start your favorite diffusion with a single tap, or replace one of the 4 capsules by simply pluging a new one from our range of 10 benefits. Everything has been automated, so there is no need to clean or manually start the diffuser anymore.


We have worked with the best designers to bring you a beautiful and noble product that will sit harmoniously in any environment.

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Our Product

We combine smartest technology and nature's essence, in order to offer you the perfect well-being solution at home
World's smartest essential oil diffuser

umiere diffuser is a smart essential oil diffuser for wellbeing at home. It comes with four plug-and-play capsules filled with oil, each one providing a particular benefit, such as relaxation or air purification. You can trigger a diffusion with a single tap on your smartphone, or set up smart triggers to automate them. Ever dreamed of being welcomed home with a relaxing blend after a hard day of work? Need the boost of an energizing oil to help you get out of bed in the morning? Lumiere can do all that for you, and much more!

Just set up the diffuser, plug the capsules in, and enjoy your essential oils for a month!

  • In tune with nature

    100% organic and natural essential oils.


    Essential Oil's market is growing 25% each year. Be part of the movement!


    The smartest diffuser ever designed: 100% connected!

Our Team

A creative and talented team, to create the perfect solution
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Advanced Master in Entrepreneurship (Ecole Centrale Paris & ESSEC Business School). Marketing Major (ESC Amiens)
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CTO Software

Computer science major (Ecole Centrale Paris)
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CTO Hardware

Engineering and business major (Ecole Centrale Paris & ESCP Europe)

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