Our Story


Lumiere was created to provide wellness to its customers.

The first product invented by Lumiere is a smart and top-range diffuser that dispenses essential oil fragrances. Lumiere came as a result of the collaboration of three young entrepreneurs who met at university when studying entrepreneurship, a special master track provided by French engineering school Centrale Paris and business school Essec.




Thibault was working in a famous French firm as an intern and he was suffering from allergies in the newly furnished open space because of the dust. Thanks to his mother, he used essential oils to recover his nose and be able to breathe again normally. Following this event, he became aware of the efficacy delivered by essential oils and decided to find entrepreneurs who would like to develop a great solution to diffuse this wellness to a large number of people.

In 2014, Menghan was working on a student project about essential oils, at Centrale Paris. More specifically, she was developing a smart diffuser with two other students. She then met Thibault and they both decided to make this project a reality.

As for Adrien, he was a student at Centrale Paris and business school ESCP Europe. As he was sensitive to the relaxing benefits of essential oils, enthusiastic and motivated to work on a hardware project, he met his 2 partners.


Eventually, Lumiere was born in July 2015 to bring together aromatherapy, design and Internet of Things (IoT).




Our Values


Menghan, Thibault and Adrien quickly became more than partners since they share the same values.



First, they were all attracted by innovation and IoT as they think these fields are a true opportunity to make wellness simpler for everyone. They want those benefits not to be addressed to a niche market. No, everyone should be able to live in a relaxing world!




They also want to put forward Naturalness. They have their own experience and convictions with Nature and all three want to promote what they believe is the reason we are all here.





Ethics is one more value they share and want to defend. One can first see their involvement in the way they manage the company: they choose partners who respect their personel and they manage with empathy (all members must be listened to and respected thanks to a horizontal management). Also the production is led etically: Lumiere respects Nature by producing mostly with French partners chosen with regards to the environment. And the refills of essential oils are made to be recyclable.




Finally, Lumiere does its best toprovide services and products of quality. This is visible in allsectors. The diffuser is more than just a usefulproduct: it is also made for decoration thanks to a high-end design. The Essential Oils, natural and organic, are created by a French Maître Parfumeur to offer you the best fragrances. The diffusion technology also represents quality: the electronic piezo makes the diffusions silent, efficient and respectful of the properties of the Oils.




Our Support


We have been helped by several persons and firms that we want to thanks.  


Our Team


A creative and talented team, to create the perfect solution.