Meet Our Designers

Meet Our Designers

A World of Beauty

Jewelry has been a part of mankind since before history was written. From feathers, bones, and shells to gemstones, metals, and diamonds, people have been and will always be attracted to jewels. This is simply because jewels are beautiful, and we instinctively appreciate beauty as it makes us feel pleased. Hence, it’s no wonder you meet new jewelry designers tangled up in that charm every single day. At Lumière, you will get the chance to meet a group of wildly obsessed designers having ultimate new horizons of imagination in the world of jewelry.


“It’s a Childhood Dream!”

That was Dina Solomon’s reply when we asked her about why jewelry designing. It all started with a tiny beaded-bracelet that she created once when she was a child. Then she fell in love with the whole idea that did manifest into a professional career in jewelry making. Dina Solomon is a designer who tells stories through her pieces of art. Her designs are inspired by people’s feelings, personalities, and also every and any beauty that surrounds her.

“It’s a thrill to fulfill your childhood dreams!” Randy Pausch once said. Salwa Sheriff is another designer who could do it. Starting from a young age, Sheriff taught herself the art of jewelry until she was able to create all the accessories for her wedding. The designer depends on merging different gemstones together in order to create a design containing artistic symmetry and beauty.

Madonna’s childhood dream, too, has been brought to life. Madonna Boulos could take her first step into the world of jewelry designing when she was a high school student, and that was the first step in a long mesmerizing journey. Boulos is eternally inspired by nature. She loves that unrivaled intersection between art and nature, paying greater attention to the beauty laid in the tiniest details of botanicals.


It’s a New Era!

Yes, indeed. It’s time to boldly speak out your own rebellious artistic vision to catch up with newness. Emanne Bana, the architect jewelry designer, agrees. Bana embraces her own philosophy; it is taking jewelry beyond being a luxury towards making design and beauty accessible to everyone. She focuses on changeable jewelry in most of her designs. This geometric process takes a lot of studies and trials to make a new design, which is Bana's big passion.

“I feel like humans are always looking for a way of connecting or expressing whether to stand out or fit in, and jewelry is a very subtle yet bold way to state, express, and attract,” the young jewelry designer, Dinah Kamil, stated, declaring her advocated personal perspective of jewelry. Describing her style as bold, Kamil finds enjoyment in finding a design that speaks for itself and would add an edge to any outfit. This is reflected in her geometric, modern designs that best impersonate the valiant rhythm of modern cities.


Art, Yet Culture

Here is where you meet jewelry designers who are passionate travelers and art nomads continually roaming the world, eager to fulfill their call. It’s where you get lost and melted in the variant cultures through art. Menna Hamza, Nihad Syed, and Nadine Sheriff represent cultural artists.

Syed could find her soul along the Nile River. She has been fascinated by two of the oldest and culturally rich civilizations in the world: Ancient Egypt and Nubia. Syed has studied those culture’s religion, art, language, and philosophy along with her study of Fine Arts. The outcome is meaningful pieces of art.

Meanwhile, Hamza’s authentic adventures in the African plains and her connection with traditional African tribes mixed with her unmuted artistic sense have created remarkable art. Adding a third dimension of social globalization to her work, Hamza’s designs are meant to reflect the human values common among the variant cultures in her jewelry.

Has been indefinitely drawn to the Ottoman Empire’s culture in general and to their gems and jewelry in particular, Nadine Sheriff’s main aim in her jewelry designs is to portrait the elements of Ottoman culture architecture and art with their rich embellishment helping to attain fully detailed pieces of art.


To Be Continued

That’s not the end of the story. As long as there’s life, there is a lot more passion, dreams, and creativity to come!

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