Lumière Series Catalog

With uncommon, vivid imagination, Lumière’s Series Catalog explores our exclusive design themes and innovations. Each design tells an exceptional story!

Flora® Series

Flora® jewelry brings two worlds together; the sacred geometry with its grit and rigidness and the floral patterns of finesse and delicacy. Together, they create a powerful talisman and a captivating expression of self.

Bolt® Series

In ancient mythologies, lightning was seen as the most powerful shape of energy. Bolt® jewelry harnesses the wild power of lightning and molds it into fearless designs, impersonating this swift and valiant rhythm of our modern cities.

Line® Series

Line® jewelry is a daring manifestation of the simplest form of geometry, a starting point for every design creation. The designs establish how this simply sophisticated element can be used to create timeless designs.

Liquify® Series

Liquify® is a new innovation of flat jewelry bars with different living hinge patterns cut on the surface, which makes the designs absolutely transformable and goes along way into shaping the Changeable jewelry trends.

Compass® Series

Magical instruments of hope and determination, Compass® jewelry emits a light signal for sailors, dreamers, and lovers to guide them to their destinations, futures, and soulmates. This intricate design navigates you to your way of happiness.

Malkia® Series

Malkia (mal-KIAH) is the African woman’s name for the "Queen". Inspired by the treasured heritage of the Afro culture, Malkia® jewelry combines rich African patterns with contemporary design, producing exclusive art works.

Wish® Series

"A Woman is free at the moment she wishes to be". Wish® jewelry, with its radiating colored stones and the empowering Greek Goddesses pendants, is your way to hold onto your dreams and unlock your wishes.

Magician® Series

Inspired by the circus and its cheerfulness, adventure, and excitement, Magician® jewelry with its joyful designs and playful colored stones awakens your adventurous and wild senses and unleashes your sex appeal.

Soleille® Series

Nature has always been pleasantly beautiful, this is a glimpse of its aesthetics. Soleille® jewelry embodies botanical art, shaped by the wax carving technique. Each design represents unity, that of humanity and the universe.

Impossible® Series

In an attempt to create a design representing illusion, the Impossible® was born. Inspired by the prominent Penrose Triangle and the works of Sir Roger and Lionel Penrose, who described it as "impossibility in its purest form".

LightPearl® Series

Nature needs light and light brings hope. Perception of light is what the LightPearl® jewelry endeavors to reveal; a spectacular display of exceptional quality and mesmerizing sparkle, fueled by the blaze and luster of our pearls.

Aliye® Series

Aliye (Al-li-YEH) is the Ottoman name for "nobility and status". Aliye® jewelry is influenced by the alluring geometrical motives of Ottoman architecture and art. The designs are vigorously expressive featuring strong silhouettes.

SNK® Series

Whether it frightens or inspires you, a snake demands your respect. SNK® jewelry imitates this exotic dual expression. Just as a snake, change can feel terrifying, but the courage to shed old skin makes you feel renewed and radiant.