Meet Our Designers

The most radical designs you can wear!

Built by women for women!

Our designers draw their best inspirations from unusual origins to create timeless designs.

Dinah Solomon

A storyteller who loves to tell stories through art. "I design expressive jewelry that speaks out for itself and adds a strong edge to any outfit."

Emanne Banna

"As an Architect, I'm fascinated by geometry and minimalism. I use this revelation to design new, innovative concepts for my jewelry."

Dinah Kamil

Originally a painter who is influenced by conceptual abstract art. "My jewelry is swayed by singular concepts that are bold, energetic, and exceptional."

Madonna Boulos

Eternally inspired by nature. "I love this unrivaled intersection between art and nature, merging botanical casting and wax carving techniques in my jewelry."

Nadine Sharif

A nomad melted in variant cultures through art. “My designs portrait the richness of cultures I’m obsessed with to embody their details and authentic embellishments.”