Stand for Women



Lumière! strives to inspire millions of women globally to have better lifestyles and mental wellbeing.



The company's mission is to be "the number one backbone, supporter and enabler of women in Europe".


The Number 1. Backbone:

We stand against oppressive fashion, and the standardization of women’s aesthetic beauty.

What is this about?

A healthy body image means you feel comfortable in your body and you feel good about the way you look. This includes what you think and feel about your appearance and how you judge your own self-worth.

A negative body image can put you at higher risk of certain mental health conditions, such as eating disorders and depression.

However, this quest of aesthetic authenticity is not an easy one in a society where there are strong body norms. In what ways these practices would support singularity while women and men are surrounded by clear and significant beauty standards? 

A Backbone, In action

Bold awareness campaigns to defy societal expectations of women and redefine social norms when it comes to femininity, sexuality and beauty.

Current campaign: #WhoSaid
Campaign concept: Who said society can define femininity for you?

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The Number 1. Supporter:

Depressive disorders account for close to 41.9% among women compared to 29.3% among men.

What is this about?

Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety disorders as men.

Various social factors put women at greater risk of poor mental health than men. However, we bet on women's readiness to talk about their feelings and their strong social networks which can help protect their mental health.

A Supporter, In Action

Allocate 5% of Lumiere's profits as official proceedings towards active and functioning women's mental health organizations in Europe.

Current progress: Compiling a list of the most efficient organizations in The Netherlands and Belgium.
Proceedings kick-off: Q1, 2021.

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The Number 1. Enabler:

Plan A isn't available? So let's kick the sh** out of plan B!

What is this about?

As Millennials grew to be more aware of sustainable fashion, fair pricing and the importance of supporting local brands, they also grew to be resourceful and capable.

Lumiere founders started seeing plenty of independent women fashion and jewelry designers creating their own designs and collections, which they decided to capitalize on; giving them the proper exposure and helping them go PRO.

An Enabler, In Action

Invest in women artists via sharing business knowledge (to grow their careers), manufacturing on-demand (to give life to their designs and inspirations), and share in the business profits with them (based on the shared-economy approach).

Current designers count: 10 designers.
Upcoming plans: hosting and sponsoring women entrepreneurship events and podcasts.

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Important Figures and Statistics:

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* Last updated: 20/9/2020